Sell and Upload Your Music & Merchandise Online through the Blockchain.

Unlimited Distribution to Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora For Less Than $20 - For Life!

Soundblock makes Blockchain Music, Collaborative Storage, Instant Copyrights and Smart Contract Security easy. Keep 100% of your royalties!

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What is Soundblock?

What if you never had to trust a booking agent, manager, record label, publisher, performance rights organization or government agency to administer your digital and physical sales reporting and payments ever again?

Soundblock smartly distributes your music and merchandise to the most relevant platforms and storefronts while every stream, download, and t-shirt sale is documented forever on the blockchain.

Soundblock encodes and delivers your music to Apple Music, Pandora, Arena, Spotify and more.

Pay writers, performers, managers and lawyers instantly for every stream, download and T-shirt sale.

Keep 100% of your royalties, view real-time sales reports and store everything on your own secure blockchain.

Now You Can Distribute An Unlimited Amount of Albums & Single Tracks Through The Blockchain for Less Than $20 – For Life!

Soundblock delivers your music to the world's most relevant streaming services and can manage your physical merchandise sales and reporting. Soundblock is the most transparent, secure, and cost effective music distribution platform on earth.


  • Digital Blockchain Reporting: $0.99 one-time /per digital music platform
  • Retail Blockchain Reporting: $4.99 per month /per physical & online storefront
  • 100% Net Payout. Free ISRC & UPC Codes


  • Simple Block Storage for $4.99 per month, limited formats:.wav,.jpg,.mov,.mp4,mp3
  • Smart Block Storage for $24.99 per month, collaborate with anyone anywhere
  • $0.25 for each Smart Block Storage file transfer


  • One time charge of $9.99 per Smart Contract
  • $1.99 per month for each read only account
  • All transactions and user activity are permanently recorded to your ledger forever

Getting Started is Simple


Create a free account and upload your album artwork, merchandise print files, .wav files, audio stems, video edits


SoundBlock creates the Smart Contract and digital wallets for your entire organization


Distribute your content for immediate placement on Spotify, Arena, Pandora, Apple Music and more


All account holders can retrieve realtime reports for streams, downloads and merchandise sales through the blockchain


Distribute payments to managers, writers, record labels, publishers, producers, agents & performers instantly


Receive royalty payments in Bitcoin, Musicoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Wire, Check or ACH

Upload your music to Apple, Pandora, Youtube and Spotify. Manage your merchandise sales through Amazon, Arena and Bandcamp.


Berklee rethink and blockchain dreams

The blockchain hype went public in July 2015 with “Fair Music: Transparency and Payment Flows in the Music Industry,” a report from the Rethink Music initiative at the Berklee College of Music’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship.

The problems it outlines are well-known and widely acknowledged:

  • Who owns what is frequently not traceable at all. “20-50 percent of music payments don’t make it to their rightful owners.” Music collection societies tried to create a Global Repertoire Database in the early 2010s, but scrapped the idea in 2014, as nobody wanted to create a new central octopus.
  • Existing industry money flows are an unbelievably complicated mess that’s barely understood by most participants.
  • Middlemen take money without any reasonable present-day justification.
  • Record and publishing companies deliberately obscure what they owe and who they owe it to, and pay very slowly.
  • Streaming doesn’t pay nearly as well as CDs used to. (That last problem is not like the others, but keeps being spoken of like it is.)
  1. David Gerard: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts “Why you can’t put the music industry on the blockchain”. Hypebot 31 August 2017
  2. Fair Music: Transparency and Payment Flows in the Music Industry”. Rethink Music, Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, July 2015.
  3. Chris Cooke. “PRS confirms Global Repertoire Database ‘cannot’ move forward, pledges to find ‘alternative ways’”. Complete Music Update, 10 July 2014.
  4. e.g., Andy Edwards. “The UK music industry tried to agree a ‘transparency code’ for streaming royalties. It collapsed – here’s why”. Music Business Worldwide, 26 February 2017

Soundblock makes it possible to share and sell your content with anyone anywhere at anytime, free of headache and worry.

Protools Sessions

Mastered Audio Files

Copyright Registration

Publishing Registration

Song Lyrics

Video Edits

Original Artwork

ZIP Compressed Files

With one click copyright, distribute, track and audit your physical and digital assets and royalties worldwide.

Using smart contracts, Soundblock makes the management of physical or digital sales transaction reporting and multi-party royalty payments easy with a realtime and transparent ledger on the blockchain.

Soundblock Integrity

Immutable Ledger

Store records of every transaction and payment that can never be deleted or changed by anyone ever.

Instant Settlement

Receive payments instantly when merchandise is sold and music is streamed in BitCoin, PayPal, check or wire.

Secure Multi-Signature Accounts

Work with anyone, anywhere, confidently with smart contracts that require the approval of all users.

Full-Stack Cryptographic Security

An end-to-end impenetrable storage vault protects your files, data and documents across the entire Soundblock network.

Transaction Privacy

Make your blockchain visible to the world or exclusively manage access between your internal network.

API Integration

The Soundblock API allows you to instantly connect your blockchain to any physical or digital commerce platform.

Network Permission Access

One single account owner creates, manages and approves each individual smart contract.

Credibility & Confidence

Strategic partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle reduce risk through distributed network nodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soundblock is 21st Century Rights Management & Administration for Any Worldwide Digital or Physical Transaction through a private blockchain for musicians and visual artists. We are a platform where music and merchandise transactions and other blockchain data are created, stored and shared.

Soundblock is a lower cost and more secure platform than centralized database technology like Microsoft SQL, Oracle or IBM DB2.

Soundblock’s blockchain data is setup on decentralized cluster nodes secured and across enterprise clouds platforms, including Google, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon.

Soundblock uses JSON RPC protocol for APIs, which supports all common languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, and Python.

Txt files
CSV files
XLS files
PDF files
Image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP)
Zip Compressed files

Soundblock data is encrypted and can not be read by another system. You would need to use an API to extract the data out and enter it into another Blockchain system.

Soundblock data is encrypted and can not be read by another system. You would need to use an API to extract the data out and enter it into another Blockchain system.

Yes, one can store any information in Soundblock, permission read/write/mining of data.

  • Distribution to an unlimited number of digital platforms and physical store fronts
  • ISRC & UPC codes for all tracks and albums
  • Unlimited download and views of the data (you can allow as many users as you want to view or colloborate on any file).
  • Technical support is included for production customers.

You keep 100% of all net digital royalties and physical merchandise sales.

Soundblock charges the following per user:

Blockchain Storage:

  • Simple Block Storage for $4.99 per month, limited formats:.wav,.jpg,.mov,.mp4,mp3
  • Smart Block Storage for $24.99 per month, collaborate with anyone anywhere
  • $0.25 for each Smart Block Storage file transfer

Blockchain Reporting:

  • One time setup cost of $9.99 per Smart Contract
  • $1.99 for each read only account
  • Unlimited blockchain reporting: $0.99 one-time/per digital platform
  • Unlimited blockchain reporting: $4.99 per month/per storefront

Yes, you may upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Users can easily be deleted from your account and you will only be billed for the previous month of service.

We offer 24 hour support by chat, email and ticket submission.

A blockchain is a digital ledger which is shared with a network of computers using advanced cryptography. Transaction records cannot be faked, counterfeited or double spent as networks of computers are keeping track of any movements of data simultaneously. Blockchain technology also uses tokenization which ensures that information within each transaction cannot be hacked. Data and records are thus securely stored in a blockchain. For example, if a server is down or data has been corrupted, the backup data is instantly available.

Soundblock uses blockchain technology where data is being kept in a digital ledger of transactions which can be shared with other networks of computers by using advances cryptography. Each transaction is under a logic of tokenisation, and only the sending and receiving parties can view the full details of data.
Also, Soundblock partners with the world’s leading DDOS Protection Service and Hosting Providers to minimize impact from DDOS attacks, as well as applying the most advanced firewall and intrusion alert applications to prevent and detect unauthorized activities.

Blockchain delivers security measures such as two-factor security setting, SMS (mobile device) password messaging and YubiKey’s two-factor authentication. By default, users will be notified of each successful login via e-mail and each transfer will need final confirmation via e-mail approval. Users will also be notified of any movements of digital assets via e-mail.

Immutable ledger system(once a record is written it cannot be deleted or modified

  • Data is stored on PCI and HIPPA compliant cloud systems (also FedRAMP certified)
  • Advanced Cryptography

"It's a disagreement that I've always had with Spotify…

they’re saying, you can never get rid of piracy; and that’s the reason we can charge .00000 nothing for a song and completely devalue music. Then you have blockchain technology coming around, and you say, ‘Ah, now we’re able to kind of reverse that process,’ when it comes to licensing music.”

- Lupe Fiasco

“It’s about trying to take away the power from top down and give power...

or at least a steering, to the artist who inherently wants to shape their own future,”

- Imogen Heap

"It's time for a major change in the music industry!

Blockchain developers, we need your help to empower artists worldwide.”

- Pitbull

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